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Patients Love Fixing Feet Institute!

At the end of the day, it's your kind words that validate all of our hard work. Here are just a few testimonials we have received from happy patients at our Surprise, Arizona, foot clinic.

I am being seen by Dr. Peyman Elison.  I came to him with nerve issues which caused me to have leg pain and drop foot.  Dr. Elison prescribed an AFO (Ankle-Foot Orthosis) for my left leg.  After receiving and wearing that AFO, my life has changed considerably.  I am able now to move freely with more stability and less chance of falling.  I have less leg pain because the muscles in my leg are more stable.  I now have more confidence in moving around at work.  My job is an Aircraft Mechanic and having that stability to move around freely without tripping and falling over your own feet is a God send.  Dr. Elison and his Team have truly worked wonders for me.  If I wouldn't have come to see him I don't know where I would be.  I seem to now have a purpose.  I would like to thank Dr. Elison and Staff for for such great work they do.

Anthony Campbell - Surprise, AZ - 9/18/18

Appointment right on time, unheard of in the medical field, waiting room with cookies, muffins and coffee, what more could want? Absolutely the best treatment I have ever received. Spent more time with me than scheduled, another unheard of. you won't regret going to them.

Frank U - Surprise, AZ - 11/7/17

We both were treated by Dr. Viedra Elison.  One was treated for a wound on big toe, and the other was routine.  Dr. Elison and her staff were very efficient and prfoessional from the very beginning.  Dr. Elison was quick to diagnose an infection in toes and treat it.  It is healing well.

Dr Harry And Marilyn Penoyer - Central Square, NY - 5/16/17

I suffered for many years from two debilitating foot issues.  The pain levels in my foot affected my quality and enjoyment of life.  It was difficult to enjoy outdoor activities.  Dr. Peyman Elison treated both conditions, restoring my foot function to normal.  Results have been amazing, and I am able to enjoy normal activities again.

Barbara T - Seattle, WA - 1/17/17

My doctor was Peyman Elison and he was wonderful!  When I saw him in June - I could hardly walk.  I had Plantar Fasciitis in both feet and Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.  Dr. Elison was kind, patient and knew exactly what to do.  It has taken a few months but I am walking again and the pain is gone.  

The staff at Fixing Feet Institute are very kind and efficient.  I would highly recommend Fixing Feet Institute.

Janie R - Surprise, AZ - 10/25/2016

I saw Dr. Peyman Elison for "Plantar Fasciitis".  He was very informative and took his time with me every visit.  I had to wear a "boot" for 9 weeks, but the foot healed and most of the pain went away within 6-7 weeks.  I am almost back to my normal walking routine of 3-4 miles.  The staff were all very friendly and accommodating.  Thank you for everything.


Louise B - Surprise AZ - 9/7/16

The staff was very cordial.  Dr. Viedra was on time, no waiting.  She went right to the problem and had me walking out feeling good again.  Fixing Feet is One Step Ahead of the Rest.

Arlene M - Surprise, AZ - 2/1/16

So, I am a 20 year Veteran of the US Air Force and I believe I have Dr. Elison to thank for my strong finish in the last 3 years of my service.  I was treated for nerve entrapment in my left leg in Jan. 2011.  I recovered fully, returned to running, completed 5k's and earned an outstanding score on my last physical fitness test.  I believe that because of the correct diagnosis and treatment I received at Fixing Feet Institute, I am completely recovered and have continued to remain physically active without hindrance.  Thank you all so much for a strong finish to my career in the military.

J.T. Master Sargent (Retired) USAF - Surprise, AZ - 1/25/16

No Horror Story:  My GP referred me to Dr. Peyman Elison and I'm blessed to have him as my foot doctor/surgeon.  I have a severe case of bunions on both feet.  Did surgery on right foot on 7/31/15.  Surgery went well, no complications or infection.  I followed everything Dr. Peyman told me to do.  I'm 11 weeks post op and healing well.  Pain I have is normal.  I highly recommend Dr. Peyman.  He answered all my questions pre and post op.  He and his staff makes you feel comfortable at your initial and future visits.  He spends time and made sure he answered all my questions at every visit.  I will definietly have him fix my other foot next year.  I love my new right foot.  What an excellent job Dr. Peyman!  Thank you !!!                                                                                      

Gilda Angeles - Surprise, AZ - 10/21/2015

We brought our 10 year old son Grayson, in to be seen for foot pain.  His feet were not sitting straight as they were supposed to.  Dr. Elison performed a procedure on both of Grayson's feet, placing a pin in between the bones in his feet, straightening them like they were supposed to be.  Grayson's pain is gone, and his feet and posture are greatly improved.

D Schrader - Surprise, AZ - 8/3/15

I saw Viedra and John.  I had a badly infected ingrown toenail and they took super good care of me.  I got 4 shots before they removed almost half of my toenail.  First two shots were terrible, after that I did not feel a thing!  I highly recommend this place for anyone who needs the help!  Totally worth the $40 copay.  This is the place to go!  You guys are the best!

Josh Musick - Surprise, AZ - 7/20/15

I saw Dr. Peyman Elison and told him there was something wrong with my right foot and he took the time to diagnose my problem and recommended physical therapy.  I have been in and out of there for almost a year and he did really good, and the staff are very helpful and Angela is very nice and helpful to me when I call.

Augustina W. - Surprise, AZ - 7/9/15

I was referred to Dr. Peyman Elison by my physical therapist to see if I was a candidate for nerve decompression procedure.  I have battled with nerve damage resulting in a painful lower leg and numb foot with limited ability to move my toes.  Dr. Elison explained the procedure in detail and gave me the level of comfort and confidence I needed to make the decision to have the surgery.  Immediately after the procedure, I was amazed at the pain relief in my leg and the ability to move my toes for the first time in 3 years.

I am now able to have full use of my foot and wear my favorite shoes without swelling and pain!!  Dr. Elison and the entire staff have been great from day one and have made me feel welcome and a valued patient at all times.

Thank you Dr. Elison and Staff!

Jocelyn Smith - Goodyear, AZ - 7/1/15

Viedra and Peyman Elison have both cared for my Diabetic Feet.  In the past, Dr. Peyman saved and infected toe from amputation.  Most recenlty I had a severe case of gout which involved cleaning out a joint on my left foot.  Throughout the years, excellent care has kept my feet in great condition.  I would surely recommend Fixing Feet Institute to anyone with feet problems.  We always have the complete courtesy and cooperation of the staff with appointments, problems or questions for our needs.

R. Broadwater - Wickenburg, AZ - 6/19/15

I would recommend Fixing Feet with absolutely no hesitation, to anyone suffering a foot or leg problem.  From ingrown toenails, gout, leg wounds, neuropathy - whatever, the staff is courteous, respectful, caring and all work with an easygoing, light hearted, friendly attitude.  Dr. Viedra Elison is an incredibly competent, professional and compassionate physician.  She has corrected a myriad of problems I have experienced and I've always felt secure in her knowledge and treatment.  The facility is attractive, meticulously clean and inviting to be in.  All in all an A+ experience.

Nancy E - Kearny, AZ - 6/2/15

Initially I had Viedra who helped me select appropriate shoes and pads that immediately relieved my pain and corrected problems with my right foot.  The left foot however, needed surgery.  Dr. Peyman performed the surgery.  He prepared me by informing me what to expect and followed up in an encouraging and caring way.  Both have been fantastic and I feel I received excellent care.  I love their philosophy about keeping people moving and I truly believe it.  The entire staff is welcoming and professional.  The practice serves the community well and the surgical staff at the Center was spectacular.  Thank You!!

Claudia B - Sun City West - 4/15/15

I saw Dr. Elison for worsening pain in my right foot, due to overpronation.  Dr. Elison implanted a device in my ankle which has resulted in a tremendous, positive change in my life. Now I can walk pain free and without orthotics!  Dr. Elison and his staff have given professional and compassionate care.  Their work has helped my knee as well.  Now I can walk and stay on my feet longer and pain free!

Barbara T - Peoria, AZ - 3/14/15

I was referred to your office by a friend, last Spring '14.  First I saw Dr. Viedra.  She was patient and took the time to help explain my possible foot issue.  Soon after I had an MRI.  I was then referred to Dr. Peyman, as Dr. Viedra wanted him to review.  My husband and I met with Dr. Peyman very late in the afternoon.  He was very patient with me describing the problem with my foot.  I had many questions to ask and he took as much time needed to ease my anxiety. 

I ended up having surgery.  I met his staff at the SurgeCenter.  Everyone was warm and made me feel extremely comfortable.  Just before going under, I believe the nurse that assisted me was "Brie" (I hope).  She kept me preoccupied and comfortable.  Then Dr. Peyman came in just before I went under to briefly review.  He again, made me feel comfortable and I was no longer nervous.  I knew I was in good hands.  The three appointments following surgery were all positive.

I hope that I do not get injured, but if I do, I will only go to Dr. Peyman.  I have already referred friends to this office.  From Jessica at the front desk, to John assisting in the back, and Sara helping with all the insurance paperwork, made my experience positive.

I play a lot of tennis.  I am so happy to be back on the courts and playing pain free.

Sherry P - Surprise, AZ - 3/7/15

My 9 year old son had both ingrown nails removed by Dr. Viedra Elison.  The doctor and office staff are so caring and efficient.  I have worked in the medical field for 20 years and this office has by far exceeded excellent customer service and care.  The Doctor and staff are pleasant and they explained everything, including following up with phone calls to see how my son was feeling.  I highly recommend Fixing Feet.  My son was so comfortable with Dr. Viedra Elison and his toe nails are better and no more complaining.

MH - Peoria, AZ - 11/21/14

I had a bunion removed by Dr. Peyman Elison.  I had avoided the surgery for many years as I had heard so many times that it is so painful.  I have many friends that had one foot done and never returned to their doctor for the second foot because it just wasn't worth it for the pain, and they wouldn't have done the first, if they had known.  I had surgery on Friday, October 31st, and relaxed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Tuesday, I went to work, and I was GOOD AS NEW!

Tracy Ricks - Glendale, AZ - 11/6/14

He listened.  He Cared.  He was a professional.  No more need be said!

Jerome Frawley, Sr. - Sun City West, AZ - 11/1/14

I have Neuropathy in both feet.  The latest electronic procedure has improved my mobility and lowered my pain level significantly.  The staff and doctors are professional and very friendly and caring.  We recommend Fixing Feet to friends and family at every opportunity.

Jack M. - Surprise, AZ - 10/13/14

Dr. Viedra Elison is very compassionate and always goes out of her way.  She and her staff have always made me feel like family.  They have all been there for me from a simple toenail clipping to my foot surgery.  She is still caring for me and I would recommend Fixing Feet in a heartbeat.  They are very caring and take as much time that is needed per appointment.

E. Fike - Surprise, AZ - 9/26/14

I came to Fixing Feet Institute for chronic bunion pain I was having.  Dr. Peyman Elison was my doctor and performed my surgery. He is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and described the procedure to me in full detail as well as the post-surgery/recovery process. The procedure went exceptionally well and I was able to walk almost immediately with very little pain. I've heard many crazy stories with regard to bunion surgery and Dr. Elison made all that seem like a lie. This went far better than my previous foot surgery for a bothersome neuroma!

In addition, the staff at Fixing Feet Institute is amazing. They always remember exactly who I am when I come and care enough to ask about my family. They are friendly, polite and professional.

The atmosphere there is clean and welcoming and overall I could not be happier with their services. I have given both the Dr.'s names and number to several other people and would recommend them to anyone!

Tiffany Brown - Surprise, AZ 9/24/14

I have high esteem and confidence in Dr. Viedra Elison.  She is the only Doctor to correctly diagnose a chronic problem with my foot.  I am currently under her care and the results are very good.  In addition, she and all her staff are warm, friendly and very caring which means so much to a patient.

Frances Ramage - Surpise, AZ - 9/16/14

This practice is what all medical practices should be like!  Very professional, competent, friendly and patient-oriented.  I was treated by Dr. Viedra for a toe condition previously treated, unsuccessfully, by another podiatrist.  It was painless, quick and successful.  Comfortable office, friendly staff.  Highly recommend!

Bob Bone - Buckeye, AZ - 8/27/14

I see Dr. Viedra Elison.  I knew I had a bad fungus in my right big toe.  Since I am Diabetic, I asked her to do a diabetic foot check.  She found fungus in my left big toe.  She asked if I wanted the nails removed.  I asked her what it entailed and she told me.  I said yes, and within 1/2 hour both nails were removed without any pain.  I had excellent follow-up care and was given tips to take care of my diabetic feet.  I would highly recommend anyone to their office.  Speak to Jesse and she will set you up.

Helena Molnar - Surprise, AZ - 6/30/14

I am a patient of Dr. Viedra Elison.  My treatment is due to Diabetes.  I need to have nails cut and treat the fungus under my toenails.  Due to Dr. Elison's help I am back to wearing all my shoes.  My feet look so much better .  Thank You !!

Francine R. - Waddell, AZ - 5/27/14

I had intense pain in my left leg.  I also had tingling.  My pain level was 8-10.  I have received no pain since my surgery.  I am teaching myself to walk correctly, because I limped on that leg for 3 years.  I am very satisfied with my treatment.  I would encourage the surgery for anyone that has the same problen as I did.

I am pain free!

Also - The staff are excellent in making you feel comfortable.

Barbara Jordan - Sun City West, AZ - 5/2/14

Dr. Viedra Elison treated me for approximately a month throughout March and April of 2014 for an infected ingrown toenail which she removed pieces of nail and root on the right large toenail.  The after care for this procedure has been both appreciated and commendable from my point of view and I am sincerely grateful for her outstanding care, for the supportive services of the medical team who cared for me and the office staff who always responded to my requests for same day appointments.  To all, I gratefully and from the bottom of my heart say "Thank You!"

Additionally, I appreciate the highly effective care in response ot my pain as well as my distress.  I appreciate the administration of Dr. Elison's highly professional skills in developing a culture that addresses my uneasiness and therefore assuaging my fears by keeping me informed in a warm and caring manner.  This approach I believe, has allowed me to feel assured that my toe will begin to heal more quickly and I thank Dr.Elison and her extra special staff.

R. Villars - Aurora, CO - 4/17/14

I had burning in my feet, shooting pains anf felt like my toes were in a knot.  Numbness and swelling also occurred.  The pain and symptoms mentioned above are now gone.  I can be on my feet all day and not have the discomfort that I had prior to surgery.  It was a very good experience.  Surgery Center staff was great!.  Office staff is great!  Dr. Elison is great!  Very thorough.

Michael S - Surprise, AZ - 4/7/14

I have been seeing Dr. Peyman Elison for a bunion that really bothered me.  I'd been afraid to have surgery because of "horror stories" regarding residual pain, but Dr. Elison said those were exaggerated.  The surgery went very well.  One month later, I was back in a shoe and walking without pain.

Dr. Elison is caring and extremely patient.  He takes as much time as needed to explain options and about procedures and care.  I would recommend Fixing Feet Institute to any person with foot or ankle pain.

I should add that my Husband has been seeing Dr. Viedra Elison for Toe Fungus, which has greatly improved under her care.

Gale Leach - Surprise, AZ - 4/2/14

I saw Dr. Viedra Elison for an injury to my left foot, which required a boot for an extended period of time.  I love the firmness she uses with her patients, her thoroughness in treatment, and the blessed results.  Thoroughly professional and caring staff.

JA - Surprise, AZ - 4/1/14

Both Dr's Elison are great.  Peyman diagnosed my neuropathy years ago and has treated me ever since.  He has done surgery on my legs, and I believe my condition has improved.  The reception staff is very friendly and competent.  Dr. Viedra Elison keeps my toenails trimmed and keeps me in line.

William Ray - Congress, AZ - 3/4/14

Dr. Peyman Elison has been treating me for neuropathy of the feet.  My condition has improved 75% since starting these treatments.  I can feel the floor/ground when I walk.  Overall the staff and Dr. Peyman are great.  They have been friendly and professional at all times.  And they have good cookies.

David Strain - Sun City West, AZ - 2/11/14

Dr. Peyman Elison has given me my life back!  After two surgeries by another doctor, I was still unable to walk without pain, let alone correctly.  Dr. Elison fixed my foot!  He and his staff have been with me and supported my recovery tirelessly.  Dr. Elison is a skilled physician who is enlightened to the connection your mind and spirit have to your body.  I truly feel God led me to him and I will be forever thankful.  He and his staff really care for their patients.

Debbe Davis - Surprise, AZ - 2/4/14

Dr. Peyman Elison is by far the best Doctor I have encountered.  I came to him approximately one (1) year ago in severe pain.  He diagnosed the problem and referred me to Physical Therapy.  I have been much better having gone to Dr. Peyman Elison and Physical Therapy.

I highly recommend him and am forever grateful that good Doctors still exist.  Also the staff is awesome!

D. Allen - Surprise, AZ - 1/28/14

I was referred to Dr. Viedra Elison by a friend and I have been seeing this doctor regularly for the past seven years for my chronic foot and leg issues.  I'm not usually the type who writes reviews unless my experience is either excellent or horrific.  I have to write this review because this doctor is amazingly exceptional.

I have no words for the kindness, professionalism, and depth of knowledge that she has.  She is clearly brilliant, very passionate about her medical field, is amazingly friendly and personable, enormously informative, in enjoyable to talk to, and best of all, helps to solve your medical problems with proper care and attentiveness.  She doesn't make you feel like you are in an assembly line like some Dr's who are anxious to meet the next patient.

My medical problems have included neuropathy pain in the feet, toe fungus, daily leg cramps, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, dry skin cracks, toe nail issues, etc.  If you are having any type of foot pain like I do (mine happens to be chronic), it's best to find out what the ailment is and a good doctor can definitely do that.  I'm glad I came to Fixing Feet Institute and got some custom insoles shaped to my foot so now I can continue to walk with the added support and live mostly pain free days.  Additionally, I receive timely, appropriate and effective medicines to mitigate my multiple feet and leg issue.

On a couple of occasions I have also seen and treated by Dr. Peyman Elison as well.  He is clearly super bright. You can ask him any questions and he takes his time to answer.  He's super cool, down to earth and simply awesome.  Both Dr's Viedra and Peyman Elison are easily among the best doctors I have ever been to...and there have been quite a few.

The staff members at the Fixing Feet Institute are very friendly and prompt in their service.  They even assist you to wear your socks and shoes after the medical exams.  The office has a great vibe.  I wish all medical experiences could be like this. You have set the standard for other health care providers to follow!  When it comes to patient care, knowledge and treatment this is the creme de la creme of healthcare...it is the Nordstrom of Podiatry in regards to patient services!!  I actually look forward to going to my appointments!!!

Sam M. - Surprise, Az - 1/26/14

In September 2012, I was in a lot of discomfort with my right foot.  My big toenail on that foot grew too high and turned black.  Also on my left foot the big toenail was growing back.  Well, to my surprise, Dr. Viedra Elison and her staff had them both off before I knew it.  They haven't grown back.  Thank you Dr. Viedra, as now I can wear my boots again.

Edward K - Wickenburg, AZ - 12/23/13

To Whom it May Help,

Dr. Peyman Elison and I have develped a strong bond - feet first, over the past 4 years of pain and surgeries.  He straightened some of my hammertoes and bent nails - a foot note that is pun intended.  Lately, I developed a new crisis called neuropathy in those painful leg extensions.  I was told there was no relief for this condition.  Then up jumped Dr. Elison and Justine to the rescue!!

A new procedure has been found to activate the dead or dormant nerves in my feet and legs.  The system is working and a large amount of pain is gone, and I am now experiencing happy, happy feet.

Joann Swenson - Surprise, AZ - 12/21/13

I saw Dr. Peyman Elison for an acute arch pain that left me dreading my first step in the morning.  After just one visit to Dr. Elison, he completely diagnosed the problem and with no surgery or drugs, my foot pain is gone!.  To say I am impressed would be an understatement.  This is where I would recommend to anyone with foot problems needs to be seen.  A++

M Fasano - Wickenburg, AZ - 12/19/13

I have been to many podiatrists in the past 20 years, and I have never received such professional, attentive and caring service.  Dr. Viedra Elison provided me a detailed and thorough pre-treatment questionaire and examination before getting down to the work at hand.  She far exceeded my expectations, and I informed my primary care physcian of this when I saw him after my visit.  I am looking forward to seeing her again.  If I learn of anyone I know who requires foot related health care, I would be happy to provide them with her name.

Ronald G - Peoria, AZ - 12/18/13

I limped in to see Dr. Elison about Plantar Fasciitis, and 6 months later he had me back to running and walking with little to no pain at all.

BH - Waddell, AZ - 12/12/13

I am a patient of Dr. Peyman Elison.  I came to him about 1 1/2 years ago with plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel dislocation and tarsal tunnel syndrome.  I came in with a lot of pain, and after a couple surgeries and the wonderful doctor that I have, I am doing much better.  I would recommend him anytime.  He knows what he is doing and takes time to find out what the problem is.

Claudia Hernandez - Phoenix, AZ - 12/10/13

Thank you Dr. Peyman Elison!!  I had my bunion surgery in May and have not had to think about foot pain in months.  I wish that I would have done it sooner.  Surgery and recovery went smoothly.  Doctors and office staff are awesome!   A++

Deborah Turner - Surprise, AZ - 10/10/13

Dr. Viedra is great!!  She has eliminated several ingrown toenails.  This was done very efficiently.  My foot/toe problem has been solved.  I highly recommend Dr. Viedra.

Ron Goergen - Peoria, AZ - 10/4/13

I had burning in my foot after fracturing my little toe.  After months of pain, I went to see Dr. Peyman Elison.  He determined that the burning pain I was experiencing was due to the nerves in my leg, which he said surgery would fix the problem.  I had the surgery on August 23rd, it's now September 18th and I have no burning - no pain at all.  I am able to go back to work 1 month after surgery.  I cannot say thank yuou enough to Dr. Elison.  He gave me my pain free life back.  His entire staff is pleasant and help in any way they can.  Thank you again!

S. Woodruff - Wittman, AZ - 9/18/13

Everything done to me by Dr. Elison was in good and very professional and excellent.  I am very happy and pleased.  Thank you!

Donald V. - Surprise, AZ - 9/10/13

When my family doctor recommended Fixing Feet Institute for possible foot surgery, I was pleased from my first office visit.  I met a new "family."  This family unit consisted of Drs Peyman and Viedra Elison and their staff.

I feel it is important to establish a good relationship with your surgeon.  They are a professional group in all aspects.  From the pre-op visit to very thorough post-op visits, I would recommend them to anyone.  Their care and concern is very evident.

M. Herman - Sun City West, AZ - 9/10/13

Dr. Peyman Elison and his staff are the best.  They truly care about their patients care before and after.  I could not believe that I had very little pain after my Hyprocure surgery.  After a week I was doing most of my normal activities.  Fixing Feet really is a great place.

Nikka Smith - Surprise, AZ - 8/29/13

Dr. Peyman Elison recommended orthotics that have made my feet pain free.  Other doctor's orthotics had done nothing to prevent foot pain.  I can now walk in comfort.

I don't know another doctor that puts in so much effort and time, going the extra mile for his patients.  He is a gem!

Ann Marans - Surprise, AZ - 8/16/13

A friend had some work done on her feet and I asked who her doctor was.  She said Dr. Peyman Elison and he was the best foot doctor she had ever had.  I had a foot that was giving me a lot of pain, so I took her advice and made an appointment with Dr. Elison.  I needed surgery, and now after 6 weeks of recuperation I am pain free!   Dr. Elison is a very friendly and compassionate doctor.  The staff that works for him have all good things to say about him, which says a lot.  His wife, Dr. Viedra Elison is my husband's doctor.  He sees her regularly to have his toenails, etc. trimmed.  So you could say they're a great "package deal."

Janice Clohisy - Surprise, AZ - 8/8/13

Your staff is so nice and friendly.  You can tell they care about the patients coming in.

Georgette Harper - Surprise, AZ - 8/9/13

I have been going to Dr. Peyman Elison for 10 years or more.  During that time he has cared for various foot problems: such as plantar fasciitis, painful nerve problems in one of my toes, Achilles tendon, and bursitis like pain in my ankle area.  Each time he has rid me of my pain and fixed the problem thru his expertise.  I highly recommend him for any foot problems.

I had a serious fungal infection under my great toenail.  Dr. Viedra Elison removed the nail painlessly.  I have had no problems with the toe in wearing any type shoe or going barefoot.  It is hardly noticeable that the nail is gone.  Dr. and her staff were caring and did a professional job.

June R. - Sun City West, AZ - 7/1/13

I initially visited with Dr. Peyman Elison to determine what was causing discomfort in my left foot.  It was frightening to learn that I had what appeared to be a cyst that may or may not be cancerous.  Dr. Elison surgically removed the cyst for biopsy.  Fortunately, while he had classified it as the largest ganglion cyst he had seen, the biopsy revealed was no cancer.  As trying as this experience was for my family, Dr. Elison and the entire office and nursing staff at Fixing Feet Institute made it much less frightening and much more pleasant than it might have been.  Everyone I met there or talked to, in person or on the telephone, was genuinely concerned for my health and well being.  The Doctor was especially helpful with his friendly, smiling demeanor and willingness to spend the time necessary to ensure all my questions and concerns were answered clearly and completely.  It was great to have a Surgeon who clearly enjoys his work and is truly concerned for the health and welfare of his patients.

Janet M. - Surprise, AZ - 7/2/13

I came to Dr. Elison with significant heel pain that prohibited me from running and performing other types of physical training.  After 30 days of using my inserts I was back to running 4 days a week with minimal pain.  Dr. Elison took a hands on approach to my injury and ensured I was getting the treatment that I needed.

Brian H. - Waddell, AZ - 6/13/13

I came in to see Dr. Elison and I had never met her before.  I used to see the prior doctor,  Dr. King.  Upon my first visit I was very impressed with her.  Dr. Elison made me feel very relaxed and took the time to listen to me.  Dr. Elison fixed the area of my toenail quickly and painlessly.  Dr. Elison is a doctor I would refer to all my friends and family.

April R. - Glendale, AZ - 6/19/13

I know foot surgery is something that scares people and there are horror stories about some procedures so I am writing to share my experience with Dr. Peyman Elison and the Fixing Feet Institute.  I am new to the area and had to find a podiatrist to help me with a Morton's Neuroma I had suffered with for years.  I went on the net and read the different websites and started calling. What impressed me most was the fact  that they let me talk with one of the Dr.'s Assistants to see what new treatments were available for my condition.  She was very helpful and after talking with me she knew which doctor I needed to see so the appointment was set.

I did have to wait in the waiting room a while before I got to see Dr. Elison but Jessica; the lovely young woman at the front desk kept checking in with me and apologizing for the delay.  They say good things come to those who wait and in this case it's a true statement; walking out thinking I was important to wait would have been cutting my nose off to spite my face. I  will wait as long as it takes for the kind of care I received from Dr. Elison; he spent two hours with me and never once made me feel like I was keeping him from something more important.  He started the appointment by asking me to tell him every little thing about my feet, I thought that was great.  He was so thorough; he explained everything in in detail and answered all my questions.  I loved Dr. Elison's approach to the problems I had, he believes in going to the source of the problems and fixing that instead of just fixing the issues that problem caused.

I did decide to have the three procedures I needed to have done on my left foot, an implant to correct a structural issue, a ligament release for the Morton's Neuroma and removal of some painful hardware, from a previous bunion surgery.  I had one more appointment before my surgery and again the doctor spent another hour and a half with me.  I walked out knowing everything that was going to happen and what I needed to do to have a successful and speedy recovery.  My surgery went so smooth; I saw the doctor before the surgery, after the surgery and received a call from him the next day (a Saturday).  I am healing quickly with very little pain and believe it or not, no bruising.  I have my two week follow up appointment this week and I don't anticipate any issues at all.

I would recommend Dr. Elison and the Fixing Feet Institute without hesitation. Dr. Elison is a doctor that listens, educates and truly cares about his patients.

Kathy Jo Johnston- Surprise, AZ - 6/4/13

Recently I needed foot surgery for what is known as a hammer toe.  The surgery was done on badly scarred and burned tissue.  The surgery went great.  I now have a great looking toe that works as it should, and does not hurt with every step I take.  There is no pain now that the toe is almost healed with only minimal scarring.  I am extremely pleased with the outcome.  Dr. Peyman Elison did the surgery, he is very passionate about his work and takes great care of his patients.

I have been going to Fixing Feet for several years to have my feet taken care of by an extremely professional and caring staff.  Thank you Fixing Feet for making my life and walking abilities much better.

Frances Oldenkamp- Surprise, AZ - 5/1/13

I started with Viedra Elison and went to Peyman Elison for a severe torn tendon, which took a year of treatment; managed to heal through shock therapy and now using orthotics.  No surgery was necessary.  I found the whole staff to be kind and helpful which made for a great experience.

Nancy Crawford - Surprise, AZ - 3/6/13

Dr. Peyman Elison treated my severe ankle pain.  I couldn't walk on even surfaces.  I received an AFO boot and I am now playing golf 2 times a week, if not more.  My balance is great and it even improved my golf game!  Pain level has extremely improved.  I have very little pain now. I had an excellent experience with my doctor and the staff. I would highly recommend!

John O'Brian- Surprise, AZ - 3/6/13