I have been a patient at Fixing Feet Institute for over fourteen years.  I was involved in a bad auto accident in 1970 which left me with multiple fractures in both ankles and legs.  Arthritis has been a growing problem over the years.

Both Doctors Elison have helped ease my pain over the years, for which I am extremely grateful.  Recently I've been having increased pain in my left ankle making it difficult to walk without a limp and extreme pain.  Dr. Viedra Elison recommended a series of laser treatments that have helped many people with their foot and ankle pain.  Being desperate for relief and trusting Dr. Elison, I said "Let's go for it."

WOW!  It has helped me very much.  My pain level went form a 6 to a 3 and I'm now taking short walks, shopping, etc. with a much lower pain level.  I recommend this treatment for anybody suffering similar foot and ankle pain.

Barbara Golledge