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Patients Love Fixing Feet Institute!

At the end of the day, it's your kind words that validate all of our hard work. Here are just a few testimonials we have received from happy patients at our Surprise, Arizona, foot clinic.

Appointment right on time, unheard of in the medical field, waiting room with cookies, muffins and coffee, what more could want? Absolutely the best treatment I have ever received. Spent more time with me than scheduled, another unheard of. you won't regret going to them.

Frank U - Surprise, AZ - 11/7/17

I suffered for many years from two debilitating foot issues.  The pain levels in my foot affected my quality and enjoyment of life.  It was difficult to enjoy outdoor activities.  Dr. Peyman Elison treated both conditions, restoring my foot function to normal.  Results have been amazing, and I am able to enjoy normal activities again.

Barbara T - Seattle, WA - 1/17/17

I would recommend Fixing Feet with absolutely no hesitation, to anyone suffering a foot or leg problem.  From ingrown toenails, gout, leg wounds, neuropathy - whatever, the staff is courteous, respectful, caring and all work with an easygoing, light hearted, friendly attitude.  Dr. Viedra Elison is an incredibly competent, professional and compassionate physician.  She has corrected a myriad of problems I have experienced and I've always felt secure in her knowledge and treatment.  The facility is attractive, meticulously clean and inviting to be in.  All in all an A+ experience.

Nancy E - Kearny, AZ - 6/2/15

I saw Dr. Elison for worsening pain in my right foot, due to overpronation.  Dr. Elison implanted a device in my ankle which has resulted in a tremendous, positive change in my life. Now I can walk pain free and without orthotics!  Dr. Elison and his staff have given professional and compassionate care.  Their work has helped my knee as well.  Now I can walk and stay on my feet longer and pain free!

Barbara T - Peoria, AZ - 3/14/15

I was referred to your office by a friend, last Spring '14.  First I saw Dr. Viedra.  She was patient and took the time to help explain my possible foot issue.  Soon after I had an MRI.  I was then referred to Dr. Peyman, as Dr. Viedra wanted him to review.  My husband and I met with Dr. Peyman very late in the afternoon.  He was very patient with me describing the problem with my foot.  I had many questions to ask and he took as much time needed to ease my anxiety. 

I ended up having surgery.  I met his staff at the SurgeCenter.  Everyone was warm and made me feel extremely comfortable.  Just before going under, I believe the nurse that assisted me was "Brie" (I hope).  She kept me preoccupied and comfortable.  Then Dr. Peyman came in just before I went under to briefly review.  He again, made me feel comfortable and I was no longer nervous.  I knew I was in good hands.  The three appointments following surgery were all positive.

I hope that I do not get injured, but if I do, I will only go to Dr. Peyman.  I have already referred friends to this office.  From Jessica at the front desk, to John assisting in the back, and Sara helping with all the insurance paperwork, made my experience positive.

I play a lot of tennis.  I am so happy to be back on the courts and playing pain free.

Sherry P - Surprise, AZ - 3/7/15

I had a bunion removed by Dr. Peyman Elison.  I had avoided the surgery for many years as I had heard so many times that it is so painful.  I have many friends that had one foot done and never returned to their doctor for the second foot because it just wasn't worth it for the pain, and they wouldn't have done the first, if they had known.  I had surgery on Friday, October 31st, and relaxed Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Tuesday, I went to work, and I was GOOD AS NEW!

Tracy Ricks - Glendale, AZ - 11/6/14

He listened.  He Cared.  He was a professional.  No more need be said!

Jerome Frawley, Sr. - Sun City West, AZ - 11/1/14

I have Neuropathy in both feet.  The latest electronic procedure has improved my mobility and lowered my pain level significantly.  The staff and doctors are professional and very friendly and caring.  We recommend Fixing Feet to friends and family at every opportunity.

Jack M. - Surprise, AZ - 10/13/14

I have high esteem and confidence in Dr. Viedra Elison.  She is the only Doctor to correctly diagnose a chronic problem with my foot.  I am currently under her care and the results are very good.  In addition, she and all her staff are warm, friendly and very caring which means so much to a patient.

Frances Ramage - Surpise, AZ - 9/16/14

Dr. Peyman Elison is by far the best Doctor I have encountered.  I came to him approximately one (1) year ago in severe pain.  He diagnosed the problem and referred me to Physical Therapy.  I have been much better having gone to Dr. Peyman Elison and Physical Therapy.

I highly recommend him and am forever grateful that good Doctors still exist.  Also the staff is awesome!

D. Allen - Surprise, AZ - 1/28/14

I was referred to Dr. Viedra Elison by a friend and I have been seeing this doctor regularly for the past seven years for my chronic foot and leg issues.  I'm not usually the type who writes reviews unless my experience is either excellent or horrific.  I have to write this review because this doctor is amazingly exceptional.

I have no words for the kindness, professionalism, and depth of knowledge that she has.  She is clearly brilliant, very passionate about her medical field, is amazingly friendly and personable, enormously informative, in enjoyable to talk to, and best of all, helps to solve your medical problems with proper care and attentiveness.  She doesn't make you feel like you are in an assembly line like some Dr's who are anxious to meet the next patient.

My medical problems have included neuropathy pain in the feet, toe fungus, daily leg cramps, ankle pain, plantar fasciitis, dry skin cracks, toe nail issues, etc.  If you are having any type of foot pain like I do (mine happens to be chronic), it's best to find out what the ailment is and a good doctor can definitely do that.  I'm glad I came to Fixing Feet Institute and got some custom insoles shaped to my foot so now I can continue to walk with the added support and live mostly pain free days.  Additionally, I receive timely, appropriate and effective medicines to mitigate my multiple feet and leg issue.

On a couple of occasions I have also seen and treated by Dr. Peyman Elison as well.  He is clearly super bright. You can ask him any questions and he takes his time to answer.  He's super cool, down to earth and simply awesome.  Both Dr's Viedra and Peyman Elison are easily among the best doctors I have ever been to...and there have been quite a few.

The staff members at the Fixing Feet Institute are very friendly and prompt in their service.  They even assist you to wear your socks and shoes after the medical exams.  The office has a great vibe.  I wish all medical experiences could be like this. You have set the standard for other health care providers to follow!  When it comes to patient care, knowledge and treatment this is the creme de la creme of healthcare...it is the Nordstrom of Podiatry in regards to patient services!!  I actually look forward to going to my appointments!!!

Sam M. - Surprise, Az - 1/26/14

Your staff is so nice and friendly.  You can tell they care about the patients coming in.

Georgette Harper - Surprise, AZ - 8/9/13

I have been going to Dr. Peyman Elison for 10 years or more.  During that time he has cared for various foot problems: such as plantar fasciitis, painful nerve problems in one of my toes, Achilles tendon, and bursitis like pain in my ankle area.  Each time he has rid me of my pain and fixed the problem thru his expertise.  I highly recommend him for any foot problems.

I had a serious fungal infection under my great toenail.  Dr. Viedra Elison removed the nail painlessly.  I have had no problems with the toe in wearing any type shoe or going barefoot.  It is hardly noticeable that the nail is gone.  Dr. and her staff were caring and did a professional job.

June R. - Sun City West, AZ - 7/1/13