What an amazing Doctor and staff! I had been going through a lot of testing trying to figure out what was wrong with my health and was rather distraught. In the midst of other issues, My feet began to be so painful and got extra painful lumps on the arch which was a sudden new symptom. Dr. Peyman Elison saw me and went above and beyond my expectations. I have seen so many specialists lately that do not even do a thorough exam and I often felt gaslighted for my many issues by other doctors. Dr. Elison did a lot of his tests and explained everything to me as he went along. He showed me the ultrasound while doing it so I could see the mass in my foot. Patient education is important to me and I appreciate this extra bit as it helps me trust my given diagnosis from him. Such a kind heart and a genuinely caring soul. His staff is wonderful and always efficient and welcoming in all they do for their patient.Shelly H.