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  • Pregnancy and Drop Foot Dr. Viedra Elison in Surprise, AZ answers your questions regarding your unsteady balance after birth and why you seem to be dragging your toes when you walk.
  • Non-Diabetes Causes of Peripheral Neuropathy Diabetes is a major cause of peripheral neuropathy (nerve damage) in the human body, but there are others you should know as well.
  • Why Can’t I Feel My Feet? Being unable to feel your feet is often a sign of a serious problem. The experts at Fixing Feet Institute discuss causes for a loss of sensation and what to do about them.
  • Arizona’s Go-To Expert For Nerve Pain in Feet and Ankles Dr. Peyman Elison is recognized around the country for excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of extremity nerve conditions, such as peripheral neuropathy and nerve entrapment. Learn why you should trust your feet to him.
  • The Next Generation of Nerve Treatment is Here New treatments are leading the way in helping not just manage the symptoms of nerve damage and neuropathy, but restore healthy, functioning nerves.
  • Tingling, Burning Feet? It May Be Your Nerves Fixing Feet Institute discusses tingling, burning feet (and other symptoms), which could be an indication of nerve damage in your feet.
  • Recovering After Neuroma Surgery Knowing what to expect during the recovery period after neuroma surgery is important. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ has more information for you.
  • Causes of Neuroma Pain Causes of neuromas can range from your arch structure to your footwear. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ has tips on how to treat and prevent neuromas.
  • Home Pampering Tips for Nerve Pain Nerve pain is usually caused by diabetes. It’s important to take care of your diabetic feet. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ has more tips and information.
  • Foot Drop Getting on Your Nerves? If you have nerve damage caused by diabetes, you may end up with foot drop, which causes unsteady gait, says Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ.
  • Home Remedies for Neuroma Pain Home remedies for Morton’s neuroma can include rest, ice, and changing your shoes. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ has more tips and information.