At Fixing Feet Institute, we treat patients for many different foot and ankle conditions. Those conditions cause an array of issues ranging from embarrassment (fungal toenails) to sharp, stabbing pain (plantar fasciitis). One of the most serious conditions we treat—nerve damage in feet—can lead to severe issues and medical emergencies.

If your feet are tingling—and especially if this is a chronic condition—there is a good chance it’s an indication of nerve damage in your lower limbs. More specifically, the damaged tissues are sensory peripheral nerves. These are the nerves that run throughout your body and are responsible for collecting sensory information and then communicating it back to the central nervous system (your spinal column and brain).Tingling, burning feet?

Tingling is one of the symptoms of nerve damage, but others include burning, prickling, throbbing, and painful sensations. In some cases, neuropathy causes hypersensitivity (extreme sensitivity to touch). More concerning than any of those, however, is when nerve damage leaves you unable to feel physical sensations.

When there is numbness from nerve damage, tiny cuts and sores can break down over time and become ulcers. In turn, ulcers can eventually lead to gangrene, which is tissue death that can only be “treated” by amputation of an affected limb.

Nerve damage is certainly concerning no matter where you experience it in your body, but neuropathy in the feet is especially concerning for a couple of reasons. First, your feet endure tremendous physical stress on a daily basis—even if all you do is stand and walk around a bit—which can place them at heightened risk for various injuries and medical problems. Second, your feet aren’t particularly visible, even when not covered by socks and shoes. They are, after all the farthest points on the body from your eyes. This means you need to be vigilant and catch the issues (that can become medical emergencies when left unattended) early!

If you are experiencing tingling—or any other neuropathy symptoms—in your lower limbs, contact Fixing Feet Institute as soon as possible. We’ll examine you to discover the reason why your nerves are malfunctioning, and then create an effective treatment plan for you.

When treatment is started early, you will find relief from any painful sensations and your nerves can start to recover, so don’t delay—call (623) 584-5556 to connect with our Surprise, AZ office. Don’t forget, you can also contact us online right now!

Dr. Peyman A. Elison
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