Peripheral nerve problems, including neuropathy and nerve entrapment, are very common in the feet and ankles. Despite this, they are often missed or misdiagnosed, leading to delays in getting the treatment you need. 

That’s because the symptoms of nerve conditions may appear very similar to those of other conditions, particularly soft tissue injuries like plantar fasciitis. And unfortunately, many doctors still lack nerve-specific training and testing procedures that would help them recognize and diagnose nerve conditions early and correctly.

nerve consultationTreating peripheral nerve problems is one of our core specialty areas at Fixing Feet Institute. We perform nerve consultations almost every day to determine whether your symptoms are actually nerve-related.

A nerve consultation may include several simple yet critical tests to not only determine whether or not your pain is caused by a nerve issue, but how and why the problem is happening. This information is critically important if we are to develop an effective treatment plan.

Your consultation may include:

  • Measuring how well your nerves are sending electrical signals (nerve conduction velocity test, or NCV).

  • Measuring the electrical discharges made by muscle tissue (electromyography, or EMG).

  • Blood tests, which can determine whether things like mineral imbalances or toxins are present (and can directly or indirectly suggest whether underlying issues like kidney disease, thyroid disease, or diabetes are likely involved).

  • Diagnostic imaging to identify any physical blockages.

If you are currently experiencing unexplained symptoms in your feet and ankles that you can’t seem to get rid of, especially things like pain, tingling, burning, numbness, or muscle weakness—or even if you’ve had a non-nerve-related diagnosis and treatment isn’t working—a nerve consultation with Fixing Feet Institute may be your first step toward finally finding relief.

Dr. Peyman A. Elison
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