Do your feet or toes give you problems when you walk? Whether you have hammer toes, flat feet, a bump at the base of your big toe, or you walk on the inside of your feet, you may have a foot condition that is easily treatable. Learn more about foot and toe treatments here in this video.

Many people suffer from toe and foot conditions. Some of the causes of such conditions include bunions, arthritis, tendon problems, or a partially dislocated joint. Did you know that many of these foot conditions can be treated with different shoes, insoles, or braces? However, in certain cases, surgery may be needed to correct the alignment of the foot. In order to find out the cause of your foot and toe problems and what treatment options would be best for your condition, you should seek a diagnosis from a podiatrist.

At Fixing Feet Institute, we will listen to you, perform x-rays and ultrasounds, and get to the bottom of your foot, toe and ankle condition. Call our Surprise, Arizona office for an evaluation with an experienced podiatrist today at 623.584.5556 or contact us online at

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