Bunions cause a bulge at the base of the big toeWhen it comes to a nasty fracture or acute appendicitis, you don’t get much choice: surgery is the only the way forward.

Bunions are a little different—a bad bunion isn’t going to threaten your life, but it can certainly threaten your lifestyle. When bunions make walking, running, even wearing a simple pair of shoes a painful experience, surgery becomes a choice you can make.

Bunion Surgery

We view bunion surgery as a last resort, meaning that we’ll always encourage you to try conservative remedies first. However, when those options no longer provide the relief you need, the surgical option is one that can provide significant benefits.

For starters, surgery is the only way to “fix” a bunion. Conservative treatments can only mitigate symptoms, and while surgery is focused primarily on function rather than form, the realignment of the toe can produce a better aesthetic result for many people.

Every bunion is different, and surgical procedures can vary quite a bit depending on factors such as your age, lifestyle, medical history, and more. The most common type of surgery is an osteotomy, in which bones are cut so that they can be properly realigned. However, some people may only need to have the bump removed, while others may require a permanent fusion of the joint. Of course, your surgeon will discuss your options with you carefully so that you can be sure the decision is the right one.

What to Expect From Bunion Surgery

Most bunion surgeries are performed outpatient at our office, and you can go home after a few hours in recovery. You’ll need a cast or boot for a few weeks, followed by a longer period of healing and rehab. Gradually, according to the schedule your surgeon provides, you’ll be able to put more weight on your foot, perform physical therapy exercises to regain strength and range of motion, and return to normal activity little by little.

While no one enjoys the experience of surgery and recovery, exactly, the long-term outlook is very good for a significant majority of bunion surgery patients. For those who have been suffering with constant pain for a long time, the few weeks to months you’ll be off your feet is a very small price to pay for long-awaited relief.

Is bunion pain affecting your ability to live the life you want? Don’t wait any longer. Make an appointment with the Fixing Feet Institute team to see what conservative treatment options exist, as well as determine whether surgery might be right for you. You can reach our Surprise, AZ office at (623) 584-5556, or fill out an appointment request form online.
Dr. Viedra V. Elison
Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute
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