Skin lesions are a very common condition that we see. From tumors to cysts, we’ve seen (and treated) it all. If you notice that something is bumpy or lumpy inside your skin, it is a really good idea to get it checked out as soon as possible. Not all tumors and cysts are dangerous, but why risk it? We can help provide the treatment you need so that your skin remains lump free.

Skin Tumors

A tumor is an abnormal mass of tissue that forms when cells multiply out of control. It’s unknown why this happens, but can be pretty common. Tumors can form on any part of your body, including your feet. It’s important to check your feet for any lumps or bumps that you might not be able to feel otherwise.

Tumors and Cysts | Surprise, AZ Skin PodiatristNot all tumors are malignant (cancerous), but some are. The earlier you catch a malignant tumor the less chance it has to spread to other parts of your body. If your tumor is small and benign there may be no treatment required. It will be up to you to monitor its progression. If you notice any changes it may be time to go back to your doctor to begin treatment.

Some treatment options include:

  • Curettage and electrodessication: This simply means that the tumor cells are scraped away using a sharp implement known as a “curette”. If there is bleeding, it can be stopped using an electrosurgical device.
  • Surgical excision: This is when the tumor is removed surgically and the wound is closed up with stitches.
  • Cryosurgery: In this method of treatment, liquid nitrogen is sprayed on to the tumor to freeze the tissue.

In some cases once the tumor is removed it may grow back. It’s important to keep an eye on the area in case this happens.

Skin Cysts

A cyst is a sac inside your body that can be filled with fluid, air, or other material. Cysts are usually benign, but not always.

The most common type of cyst found in your foot is a ganglion cyst. The sac is filled with a gelatinous fluid. Although it’s unknown exactly why these bumps develop, trauma to the top of your foot is a likely culprit. A ganglion cyst may present with a large bump on the top of your foot, tingling or burning if it’s on top of or near a nerve, a slight feeling of achiness, and difficulty wearing shoes because they may irritate the bump.

Treatment will usually involve:

  • Monitoring the bump: Sometimes the best thing you can do is simply keep an eye on it and just leave it alone otherwise.
  • Shoe modifications: If your shoes are the problem you can make modifications that will allow your feet to not rub up against the inside of your footwear.
  • Aspiration and injection: This is when the fluid is drained using a needle. A steroid medication is then injected into the mass to reduce the appearance.
  • Surgery: In rare cases where all other treatments have failed you can have it surgically removed.
Dr. Viedra V. Elison
Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute

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