I know foot surgery is something that scares people and there are horror stories about some procedures so I am writing to share my experience with Dr. Peyman Elison and the Fixing Feet Institute.  I am new to the area and had to find a podiatrist to help me with a Morton's Neuroma I had suffered with for years.  I went on the net and read the different websites and started calling. What impressed me most was the fact  that they let me talk with one of the Dr.'s Assistants to see what new treatments were available for my condition.  She was very helpful and after talking with me she knew which doctor I needed to see so the appointment was set.

I did have to wait in the waiting room a while before I got to see Dr. Elison but Jessica; the lovely young woman at the front desk kept checking in with me and apologizing for the delay.  They say good things come to those who wait and in this case it's a true statement; walking out thinking I was important to wait would have been cutting my nose off to spite my face. I  will wait as long as it takes for the kind of care I received from Dr. Elison; he spent two hours with me and never once made me feel like I was keeping him from something more important.  He started the appointment by asking me to tell him every little thing about my feet, I thought that was great.  He was so thorough; he explained everything in in detail and answered all my questions.  I loved Dr. Elison's approach to the problems I had, he believes in going to the source of the problems and fixing that instead of just fixing the issues that problem caused.

I did decide to have the three procedures I needed to have done on my left foot, an implant to correct a structural issue, a ligament release for the Morton's Neuroma and removal of some painful hardware, from a previous bunion surgery.  I had one more appointment before my surgery and again the doctor spent another hour and a half with me.  I walked out knowing everything that was going to happen and what I needed to do to have a successful and speedy recovery.  My surgery went so smooth; I saw the doctor before the surgery, after the surgery and received a call from him the next day (a Saturday).  I am healing quickly with very little pain and believe it or not, no bruising.  I have my two week follow up appointment this week and I don't anticipate any issues at all.

I would recommend Dr. Elison and the Fixing Feet Institute without hesitation. Dr. Elison is a doctor that listens, educates and truly cares about his patients.

Kathy Jo Johnston- Surprise, AZ - 6/4/13