Anesthesia safetyAll you want for Christmas is to have healthy feet. Sometimes this means undergoing a procedure or operation where anesthesia is required, so you are not uncomfortable or in pain. There are some myths that being put under general anesthesia is inducing a “death-like state”; newsthat couldn’t be further from the truth. Anesthesia is safer than ever, especially for people who are chronically ill.

If you are to undergo a procedure where general anesthesia is required don’t be afraid. Anesthesiologists are licensed physicians who are highly trained and qualified to keep you safe during the operation. They will monitor all of your vital signs including blood pressure, heart rate, and circulation. They are also responsible for replacing fluids lost during the procedure, including blood and urine. Furthermore, they are in charge of monitoring how much oxygen is entering your lungs and how much air is coming out of the lungs. If anything seems unsafe to them they will make adjustments to keep you safe.

If the thought of anesthesia is still worrisome to you, talk to your doctor. There may be a different kind of numbing agent they can use so that you are still conscious but unable to feel anything. If you can, try and meet your anesthesiology team before your operation. Talking to them and asking questions can put you more at ease than just putting your trust in a stranger you don’t feel comfortable with. Also talk to any immediate family members who may have previously undergone surgery. Find out if they had a bad reaction to the anesthesia because this type of thing can be hereditary. Lastly, follow your doctor’s instructions for pre-op. Having food in your stomach before surgery can make you more likely to vomit or feel nauseous upon waking, so following these orders can keep you feeling better.

Anesthesia is extremely safe, especially in this day and age. If you still feel nervous please don’t hesitate to call Dr. Peyman Elison and Dr. Viedra Elison at (623) 584-5556 to schedule an appointment with us at Fixing Feet Institute in Surprise, AZ. Rest assured that all of your questions and concerns will be addressed.

Dr. Viedra V. Elison
Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute
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