We’ve all stubbed our toes—only to be in pain for a while before the pain subsided. However, sometimes, leg and foot pain may appear without warning and may stick around longer than you’d like it to. If you are experiencing lasting pain in your lower extremities, you should watch this video.

When foot or leg pain lasts for more than a couple weeks or months, it can cause you trouble sleeping, walking, exercising, or even working. Because you might not know the cause of your pain, it may make you anxious, frustrated and even a bit depressed.  Instead of being in agony, you should turn to the podiatrists at Fixing Feet Institute for answers.

Our podiatrists will examine your legs and feet, perform necessary tests, and provide you with a diagnosis and treatment options to help you live a pain-free life. To get started feeling better today, contact our Surprise, Arizona office at 623.584.5556 or online at

Dr. Peyman A. Elison
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Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute