Maybe you are having pain from your heel bone down into the ball of your foot, or maybe your heel pain is so severe that it is causing you to limp. You are probably at your wits end and wanting to know what is causing your heel to hurt. Find out some of the common cause of heel pain here in this video.

If your heel is hurting when you get out of bed in the morning, during the day, and throughout the night, your heel pain may be caused from inflammation of the flat tendon-like structure that stretches from your heel to the bottom of your foot. This is called the plantar fascia. Inflammation of the plantar fascia can be caused by repetitive stress and strain creating small little tears in the tendon. In addition to plantar fasciitis, other causes of heel pain can include pinched nerves, arthritis, poor circulation, and a bruised or broken bone.

Because there are many different reasons why your heel may be hurting, you need to have a podiatrist diagnose your heel pain so that you can get the proper treatment. To eliminate your heel pain, call Fixing Feet Institute in Surprise, Arizona at 623.584.5556 or contact us online at

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