In fact, after several years of clinical use, MLS laser therapy still has no known side effects, and very few contraindications. This actually makes it safer than widely accepted medical treatments like cortisone injections, or even simple anti-inflammatory medications.

While the word “laser” might be associated in popular culture with devices that cut, burn, or destroy, the MLS laser is robotically controlled and precisely tuned and synchronized to prevent any thermal tissue damage.

Not only is the treatment safe, but it’s also painless. You may notice a slight warming sensation in the area that is being treated, which is a natural indication of the body’s response to the inflammation. However, this should produce no discomfort.

The impeccable safety record of laser therapy, combined with impressive clinical results, makes it a go-to treatment recommendation for a wide variety of soft tissue injuries and wounds. Read our MLS laser service page to learn more about how this treatment works, and what you can expect.

Dr. Viedra V. Elison
Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute

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