Posted on Dec 12, 2012

Bad news for fans of the Arizona Cardinals football team: linebacker O'Brien Schofield is out for the rest of the season. Schofield injured his ankle in the Cardinals' 31-17 loss to the Green Bay Packers when he got tangled up with teammate Darnell Dockett on the second play of the second half. The injury was initially thought to be just a sprain, but after being properly examined, it was determined that Schofield actually had a torn ankle ligament.

Schofield was replaced in the Packers game by Quintin Groves, who is expected to be play in Schofield’s place for the foreseeable future. Groves got two offside penalties and also drew a 15-yard penalty for a horse-collar tackle.

Schofield was a fourth-round draft pick out of Wisconsin in 2010. He fell to the fourth-round because he suffered a torn anterior cruciate ligament in the Senior Bowl, an injury that caused him to miss part of his rookie season. Last year, he had shoulder problems that required surgery in the off-season. This was his first season as a starter and at the time of his season-ending injury, he had 34 tackles and four sacks for the season.

After undergoing surgery for his injury, Schofield posted on Twitter: "Surgery was successful, I love all my fans. Thank u for your love, your thoughts and prayers it means a lot to me and my family. God is good."

Schofield is the fourth Cardinals player to sustain a season-ending injury this year. The first three were Levi Brown, Jeremy Bridges and Ryan Williams.

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