On Wednesday, November 27th we thanked our patients by serving a Free Thanksgiving meal, prepared by our staff.  We had approximately 45 patients attend as well as our staff and their families.  Dr. Peyman Elison smoked the turkeys and they were beyond delicious.  Dr. Viedra Elison provided salad, fruit and some yummy Cheesy Potatoes.  Sara brought in her Grandmother's recipe of dressing that was loved by all.  John brought in the always favorite green bean casserole - loaded with crunchy onions.  Lindsey brought in two big bags of rolls with individual cups of butter.  Jennifer made several plates of deviled eggs, and a scrumptious pan of yams with marshmallows.  Justine and her family all got together to peel potatoes to make her creamy mashed potatoes, and the gravy too, of course.  Casey rounded out the dinner with some warm buttery corn.  Then of course our resident baker, Jessica prepared several different kinds of pies and cheesecakes for dessert.

There was plenty for all to partake, and the general consensus from our patients was "YUM!"

Our patients also proved to be quite generous that night by donating toys for our Phoenix Children's Hospital Toy Drive.  We filled up two large boxes that evening.

We hope to be able to do this every year, as it was an evening of fun and food for all.





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