During January and February of 2014 we will be collecting food and hygiene items to send to our Troops overseas.  We have chosen this time to support "Packages from Home", a local organization that collects items and ships them to our Troops overseas.  This organization was began by a mother who son was deployed back in 2004, and had grow by leaps and bounds since then.  You can learn more about the generous organization from their website - www.packagesfromhome.org.

Some of the top items the Troops are asking for are:


     Foot or Body Powder

     Toilet Paper

     Eye Drops


     Boxer Shorts


     Single Drink Mixes (Crystal Lite, Wyler's, etc)

     Pop Tarts

     Canned Soup

     Microwave Popcorn

     Jelly in Plastic Jars

These are only the top items.  For a complete list of their needs, please see their website or contact our office.  They will also accept cash donations to help cover postage costs to ship these items to the Troops.

To make it easy for our patients to donate we have placed a camouflage box in our waiting room for you to place your donations.  Please join us in supporting our troops.


Dr. Peyman A. Elison
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