April is National Child Abuse Prevention Month. We decided to support this cause by adopting a family right here in Surprise that has been the victim of Child Abuse. We met Andrea, a grandmother who still has one daughter at home, and recently took in her three grandchildren to raise, as a result of their abuse and neglect by their parents. Andrea is struggling to support these four children with her one income. We felt that she needed our help, so we have adopted her family.

During the month of April we have been collecting items and money that this family so desperately needs, and once again - our patients have stepped up and been extremely supportive of this family with donations of needed items. We have decided to extend this support throught the month of May as well. We have placed donation boxes in our waiting room for our patients to place their donations.

Dr. Peyman A. Elison
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Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute