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When It Is Time for Neuroma Surgery

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If neuroma pain has got you down, you may not fully enjoy the Spring Eggstravaganza this Saturday at Surprise Recreation Campus beginning at 9:30 AM. This celebration includes egg hunts for all ages, face painting, and even a visit from the Easter Bunny. Is now the time for you to consider getting surgery for neuromas in your feet, so you won’t have to be uncomfortable at an event like this ever again?

A neuroma is a condition that affects the nerves and leaves them thickened and swollen. You may feel as though there’s something inside your shoe, which can make walking very uncomfortable. Many times these pinched nerves can be treated with at-home remedies (padding the area, resting the foot, and wearing different shoes), but sometimes the pain is so severe that the only option left is surgery. It’s important to know what to expect from any operation, and neuroma surgery is no different.

What is the procedure like? The simplest way to ease neuroma pain is to remove the nerve surgically, although that may involve loss of sensation in one or more of your toes. There are other types of surgery for neuromas as well. They can easily be done on an outpatient basis with a local anesthetic. The incision can be made either on the top or the bottom of the foot. Most people prefer it on the top because recovery time is somewhat faster due to the lack of pressure being put on the wound.

How long will recovery take? It will mean staying off your foot for at least a week (possibly more if the incision was made on the bottom of the foot). It is crucial to follow all of our instructions closely when it comes to post-op care. Besides keeping weight off and taking any medication prescribed, you will also need to remember to keep the incision site clean and dry. Making preparations at home beforehand is a good idea, so you know you have everything you need. If you have someone to help out, that’s even better!

If you have more questions about neuroma surgery call Dr. Peyman Elison at (623) 584-5556 to schedule an appointment at Fixing Feet Institute in Surprise, AZ.

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