For some people, an ingrown toenail was a one-and-done problem. It may have developed as a result of an accidental injury, or because someone tried to make do with a pair of running shoes that was a little too tight. We fix the problem, the patient corrects any contributing behaviors, and that’s the end of it.

Person clipping toenailsHowever, for others ingrown toenails are a constant struggle. If you’ve been there, you know. No matter what you do—trimming toenails straight across, wearing roomier shoes, protecting your feet—they keep coming back. Unfortunately, some people really do have a genetic disadvantage as far as ingrown nails are concerned. If your nails are naturally very curvy, this could be you.

For those who can’t seem to stop ingrown toenails from returning, however, there is a permanent solution available.

Normally when we perform an ingrown toenail removal, we’ll simply cut and remove the offending edge. This brings quick pain relief, but in time the edge will grow back and could become ingrown again. However, we can also perform an additional procedure to destroy a portion of the nail matrix. This permanently halts the growth of new nail tissue along the problematic edge, fixing your ingrown toenail problem for good—at least for that side of that particular toe.

Compared to the standard ingrown toenail procedure, the permanent fix tends to produce a little more post-operative pain and soreness and comes with a longer recovery time. However, it shouldn't prevent you from engaging in weight bearing activity. Full recovery may take a couple of weeks.

Many people are understandably concerned about appearance whenever talk of this procedure comes up. Although it’s true your toenail won’t look quite the same as it used to, we usually don’t have to remove much of the matrix—just a sliver along one side—so the end result can still look quite normal. In any case, it’s usually a very small price to pay considering the years of freedom from pain you may receive!

If painful ingrown toenails keep coming back, talk with the team at Fixing Feet Institute to see if a more permanent solution would be right for you. To schedule an appointment with us in Surprise, AZ please call (623) 584-5556.

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