You know you should do it. Your doctor, news reporters and enthusiasts all tell you how wonderful walking is for your health, but you don’t see yourself as the outdoor type. You prefer the arts. Well, there’s a way to indulge yourself and satisfy those nagging thoughts that you should get more exercise. Come out on Dec.14th to the ArtWalk on Dysart in Surprise, AZ. Here’s a chance to see works created by local artists, find that special holiday gift for someone you love, and fit in some exercise too.

Why is walking so important? A daily brisk walk will help keep your weight down, build up your bones, increase your balance and coordination, and even help head off heart problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes. Still not convinced? It may help to know that walking will also make you feel great and put you in a good mood!

Did you know there’s a right way to walk? To get the most benefit, you should walk with a smooth gait, swing your arms with slightly bent elbows, keep your head up, and relax your neck and shoulders. It’s also important to watch your posture, keeping your stomach in and your back straight. Don’t forget the shoes – comfort and good support are the key to avoiding strain and injury to your feet.

Any time you experience a problem with your feet, Dr. Peyman Elison and Dr. Viedra Elison of Fixing Feet Institute in Surprise are the ones to see. Call us at 623-584-5556. We have the expertise to diagnose and treat all types of foot conditions. We also encourage you to make walking a part of your daily routine, whether it’s ArtWalk on Dysart Avenue or a walk around the block!

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