The NCAA Tennis Championships are happening right now! You can bet that these athletes take phenomenal care of their feet and attend to wound care right away. You should too, especially if you have diabetes or any other type of circulatory problem. Any non-healing wound can turn into a foot ulcer in the blink of an eye, which can ultimately lead to a limb amputation.

A foot ulcer is any non-healing wound on the foot. It can become infected very easily, so it’s crucial to practice careful wound care immediately. This goes even more so for people with diabetes or other circulatory problems (peripheral artery disease, Raynaud’s syndrome, etc.). If you have these types of conditions, it is extremely important to check your feet every day. Circulatory problems make it hard to feel if there is an injury, so you have to rely on your eyes to help find them.

Home Treatment for Foot Wounds

If you do happen to notice an ulcer on the bottom of your foot, get started with wound care right away.

With regard to first aid, clean your wound with warm (not hot) water and hold off on using soap or other types of ointment just yet. Keep it under running water until all of the debris has cleared away. If you can, try and get to a doctor to help you with these steps. After your injury is cleaned, apply a thin layer of antibiotic ointment to prevent any additional bacteria from getting into your body.

When to Get Treatment for a Woundpicture of a foot with a wound

If the bleeding doesn’t stop on its own, apply pressure for about 20 minutes while elevating your foot. Change your bandages as needed, and always reapply the antibacterial ointment every time you do. During this process, make sure everything looks good. If you notice that the wound won’t heal on its own, or that you are developing red streaks, get medical attention.

If your wound is from stepping on a rusty piece of metal, you should go to a doctor immediately because of the risk of tetanus.

If you have more questions about wound care, make an appointment with Dr. Viedra Elison at Fixing Feet Institute in Surprise, AZ by calling (623) 584-5556.

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