Since the season is changing, now is a good time to do some exercise outside with a hike on the Hillcrest Ranch Trail. Don’t let chronic leg pain make it difficult to enjoy this outdoor adventure. Set a new course to healthy feet and legs.

Leg pain can make it difficult to do even the most mundane of tasks. One of the biggest causes of pain in the legs is nerve damage. Whether it’s a pinched nerve, peripheral neuropathy (loss of feeling), or just general trauma--damaged nerves cause us pain and frustration. There’s good news--it’s usually a problem that can be addressed fairly easily. Treatment depends on the type of nerve pain you are suffering from, so it’s important to have a correct diagnosis.

There are many other causes that could lead to chronic leg pain. Muscle cramps are a feeling of tightness that can cause discomfort and soreness. You can fix this problem by stretching your muscles thoroughly every day. If the problem is located in the front of the leg, it might be shin splints. This condition is caused by inflammation and is treated with rest and putting ice on the leg. More serious problems could stem from a leg fracture or a blood clot. If you suspect either of these conditions, seek medical attention immediately.

For proper diagnosis and treatment of your leg pain, give Dr. Peyman Elison and Dr. Viedra Elison a call at 623-584-5556, or schedule a visit online. The expert staff at Fixing Feet Institute in Surprise, AZ are dedicated to ending your leg and foot pain.

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