Spring is finally here! The last thing you want is to be stuck at home sitting on your couch because neuroma pain is keeping you off your feet. Fortunately, at-home care for neuroma pain can help, and if it doesn’t and things get worse, we are always here as well.

A Morton’s neuroma is also known as a “nerve tumor” because it’s the thickening of nerves in the ball of your feet. This creates a bump that will often make it feel like there is something inside your shoe. It goes without saying that this is a very uncomfortable feeling.

It’s not always clear what causes a neuroma to form, but there are contributing factors. One of these includes wearing shoes that are very tight in the toe area, such as high heels. Heels also tend to put more pressure in the ball of the foot. Having high arches or flatfeet may also put you at risk. Being active doesn’t usually cause the nerves to thicken, but it can aggravate it.

If you notice pain in the ball of your feet it’s important to take immediate action. Don’t assume it will go away on its own. One of the simplest forms of treatment is to allow your feet time to rest. While you are resting your feet you can massage them as well for extra relief.

If you are someone who wears tight shoes consider getting a new pair that are wider, deeper, and longer, taking pressure away and allowing your toes more freedom to move around. If the discomfort is bad enough you might think about wearing protective padding or cushioning in the ball of the foot area.

Keep in mind that at-home care for neuroma pain may not work for everyone, and sometimes it becomes necessary to get medical help. We can pad or tape the feet, prescribe pain medication, and even perform surgery if needed.

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