Memorial DayMemorial Day is upon us. It’s the unofficial start of summer, a time to spend with family and loved ones remembering those who died in service for our country, and a day to spend resting from work. If you stand a lot at your job you might suffer from metatarsalgia, or ball of foot pain. This type of foot pain is exacerbated when you run, jump, or even stand. Thankfully there are plenty of at-home remedies you can do to decrease your pain.

If you are suffering from ball of foot pain, you may experience certain symptoms (although technically metatarsalgia is a symptom itself of a larger problem). You may notice a type of pain that emerges when you are using your feet but then gets better with rest. There may be sharp, aching pains in the ball of your foot. Some people even describe their discomfort as “having a pebble in my shoe.” If you have any of these symptoms this could very well be the explanation.

Your footwear plays a big part in your level of comfort. If you are an active person who runs or exercises a lot, or even if you just stand at work or are on your feet all day you are at a higher risk of developing ball of foot pain. Make sure your shoes offer support in the arches so that the balls of your feet aren’t taking all the excess strain. You could also try putting metatarsal pads in your shoes for more comfort. If the pain is really bad you could even look into a custom-made orthotic. Not only can this get rid of your foot pain, but it can also help fix the underlying problem of hammertoes or bunions. If you are constantly on your feet you should also know the importance of stretching. It’s a really good idea to stretch your Achilles tendon and all the muscles in your feet to avoid putting too much pressure on your forefoot area.

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