With obesity rates soaring to new heights in this country, we all know the importance of staying active, especially during the formative years.  Children are participating in all kinds of sports and physical fitness activities, and that is a fantastic thing.  However, what do you do for your child when they begin to feel heel pain caused by Sever’s Disease?

Sever’s Disease is a condition found only in children, typically in the age range of 9-13 years old.  During this time, the growth plates found in the heels are not fully formed, and they can become irritated. This occurs through repetitive motion to the Achilles tendon and plantar fascia during high impact sports such as soccer, gymnastics, or cross-country.  The discomfort usually worsens with activity and may lessen when resting.  Some of the risk factors that put children at a higher risk for developing Sever’s Disease include high arches, obesity, and short leg syndrome (when one leg is shorter than the other).

So what can we do for our children when they suffer from Sever’s Disease?  There are many options, but the biggest relief from pain is rest.  This may mean switching to a lower impact sport such as swimming or bicycling until the pain subsides.  Under a doctor’s supervision there are other treatment choices, which may include elevating and icing the foot, wrapping or padding, or using a compression stocking.

The good news is that once the foot is completely developed the effects of Sever’s Disease go away.  If your child is suffering from heel pain, Fixing Feet Institute can help.  Give Dr. Peyman Elison and Dr. Viedra Elison a call at 623-584-5556 to schedule an appointment at their Surprise, AZ office. Get your child back in the game and free from heel pain.

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