Living in Arizona means dry conditions most of the time. Surprise, AZ, gets about 7” of rain a year, and the summer temps average 106 degrees. That leads to dry land and dry skin. It’s important to keep moisture in your skin through other means, to avoid wrinkling and problems such as heel fissures.

If you can’t get moisture from the outside, the best way is through the inside. Drinking lots of water will help your entire body stay hydrated, including your skin. Beverages like coffee and alcohol do the opposite and will dry you out even more, so try to limit them as much as possible. Take shorter showers instead of baths, and keep the water warm but not too hot. Use soaps and creams that moisturize and contain Vitamin A. Vitamin A creates elasticity in dry skin, so it is less likely to crack. This is important for preventing heel fissures that can become painful and infected.

It’s also important to keep your inside environment as humid as possible because your outside environment is so dry. Use a humidifier to get moisture into the air, or let a pan of water evaporate throughout the day. You can also use houseplants, because they create this same effect. In the colder months don’t spend too much time close to the fire as it will dry out the skin.

The climate we live in plays a big part in the condition of our bodies and skin. For more information on how to keep your feet moisturized and free from cracking and splitting, call Dr. Viedra Elison at 623-584-5556 or schedule an appointment at our Surprise, AZ office.

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Dr. Viedra V. Elison
Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute
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