Dr. Viedra Elison treated me for approximately a month throughout March and April of 2014 for an infected ingrown toenail which she removed pieces of nail and root on the right large toenail.  The after care for this procedure has been both appreciated and commendable from my point of view and I am sincerely grateful for her outstanding care, for the supportive services of the medical team who cared for me and the office staff who always responded to my requests for same day appointments.  To all, I gratefully and from the bottom of my heart say "Thank You!"

Additionally, I appreciate the highly effective care in response ot my pain as well as my distress.  I appreciate the administration of Dr. Elison's highly professional skills in developing a culture that addresses my uneasiness and therefore assuaging my fears by keeping me informed in a warm and caring manner.  This approach I believe, has allowed me to feel assured that my toe will begin to heal more quickly and I thank Dr.Elison and her extra special staff.

R. Villars - Aurora, CO - 4/17/14