With experienced Arizona podiatrists on staff, we are able to offer a wide range of podiatric services in Surprise. We specialize in heel pain, nerve problems, diabetic feet, injuries, deformities, skin and toenail problems, children’s feet, and unsteady gait.

Diabetic FeetDiabetic Feet

If you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes, you’ll know the condition requires close management. As well as checking your blood sugar regularly and maintaining a healthy diet, you must look out for early signs of complications to prevent the development of debilitating health issues. Surprisingly, foot problems represent one of the most common diabetes symptoms and can lead to damaging consequences, including amputation.

As such, you must work with our specialists to create a diabetic foot care plan to keep you fit and mobile for the foreseeable future. 


Nerve ProblemsNerve Problems

As many as 28-32 million Americans have nerve pain in the lower extremities (feet and ankles). Sadly, we cannot help all of them here at Fixing Feet Institute. If you live in the greater Phoenix community and are one of those tens of millions affected individuals, however, you might want to come see us at our Surprise, AZ office.

Children's FeetChildren's Feet

Does your toddler walk funny? Does your child have flat feet? Contrary to popular belief, he or she may not "grow out of it." We can evaluate your child at any age and let you know if you should be concerned. Your child will respond much better to treatment that is started as soon as possible.

Heel PainHeel Pain

Heel pain is a very common condition and one you are very likely to do something about! Fixing Feet Institute offers expert treatments and care for aching heels.

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Skin and Toenail ProblemsSkin and Toenail Problems

Don't let embarrassing skin or toenail issues keep you from being comfortable. At Fixing Feet Institute, we treat patients dealing with a variety of skin and toenail conditions like ingrown toenails, fungus nails, plantar warts, skin growths, dry skin, rashes, and athlete's foot.

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Trauma and InjuriesTrauma and Injuries

Foot and ankle injuries are common and usually extremely painful. Many of our patients suffer some kind of fracture or sprain while playing sports, doing household chores, or after being in a motor vehicle accident. People will also commonly encounter overuse injuries after doing repetitive motions for an extended period of time.

Foot and Ankle SurgeryFoot and Ankle Surgery

When you face the decision of going under the knife, you'll be glad to know Fixing Feet Institute treats patients with a variety of foot or ankle conditions that may require surgery. We frequently perform procedures including reconstructive surgery on bunions or hammertoes, nerve surgery to relieve chronic pain, tendon surgery to repair a tear or rupture, ingrown toenail removal, and sugery to repair damage from a tramatic injury. We also provide comprehensive plans for your post-operative care.

Unsteady GaitUnsteady Gait

Do you lose your balance or fall frequently? Your unsteady gait may be more than just clumsiness; these symptoms are often linked to conditions like muscle weakness, peripheral neuropathy, drop foot, arthritis, Charcot-Marie Tooth Disorder and central nervous system disorders.

Advanced Treatment OptionsAdvanced Treatment Options

Fixing Feet Institute offers advanced treatment options in their Surprise, AZ office. If you are dealing with a foot or ankle injury or pain, Fixing Feet can help. From using advanced diagnostic options such as digital x-rays to ultrasound to treating the problem with the best options such as MLS laser therapy and surgical options.