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  • Our February Newsletter The February newsletter from Fixing Feet Institute includes advice on staying active with heel pain, tips for nutrition, and info on our new laser treatment.
  • January 2017 Foot Prints Newsletter The January Newsletter from Fixing Feet Institute includes tips on buying boots, info on children's nutritional needs, and advice for Millennials.
  • December 2016 Newsletter The December 2016 edition of Footprints, the official newsletter from Fixing Feet Institute.
  • October 2016 Newsletter In our October 2016 newsletter we discuss running and foot care tips and tips to avoid bloating.
  • September 2016 Newsletter In our September 2016 Newsletter we discuss basic foot first aid as well as well as office nutrition!
  • August 2016 Newsletter In our August 2016 Newsletter we discuss proper care for foot and ankle injuries!
  • July 2016 Newsletter In July's newsletter we discuss beautiful feet for summer footwear!
  • June 2016 Newsletter In June's newsletter we discuss tips for selecting the healthiest shoes.
  • April 2016 Newsletter Most people will be familiar with the term athlete's foot, and most people have had or seen the condition, not everyone is aware of how serious it can become.
  • March 2016 Newsletter In our March 2016 newsletter we take focus on your Achilles Tendon and how you can reduce your chance of injury.
  • February 2016 Newsletter In February's newsletter we are happy to introduce a new drug free technology to fight chronic pain and best of all, it's available right in our office!