Sprained ankles are a very common injury, but what really happens on the inside when they occur? And what causes them?

When you sprain your ankle, one (or more) of the ligaments around your ankle stretches or tear. The anterior talofibular ligament is the one that is most frequently injured. A vast majority of sprained ankles occur when the foot rolls and the sole of the foot face inward. When that happens, you may hear some kind of popping sound.

What Does a Sprwalking with sprained ankleained Ankle Feel Like?

Once the sprain occurs, certain symptoms may start appearing. One of the main symptoms of a sprained ankle is swelling because blood vessels will leak and increase fluid in the tissue. This swelling can sometimes be severe. In addition—as you would expect—pain in the area of the ankle is a common symptom of a sprained ankle. It might be hard (but not necessarily impossible) to put pressure on the foot while standing. If you touch your ankle, it may hurt or throb and feel progressively worse as you get closer to the site of the injury.

Ankle sprains are common because it's very easy for someone to roll her foot. It often happens when a person loses her balance or trips. Active individuals, such as athletes, who frequently run and jump, will usually experience a sprained ankle at least once in their lifetime.

Treating Ankle Sprains

The most important thing is to have a medical professional examine your ankle if you think it is sprained. Once you've sprained your ankle, you have a greater chance of it happening again, so it’s in your best interest for a skilled podiatrist to look at your injured ankle and treat you so that things heal nicely. Failing to treat a sprained ankle properly can result in permanent damage.

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Dr. Viedra V. Elison
Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute
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