Summer is officially here, which means baseball games and days spent at the Aquatic Center. Unfortunately, the arid desert heat we have here in Arizona can really take a toll on your feet. You may experience dryness on your feet, but the weather isn’t the only thing that can contribute to having itchy feet.

Having itchy feet can be very bothersome. It’s not pleasant to be scratching all the time, and it can even cause damage if you scratch too much or too hard. Figuring out where the source of the itching is half the battle because only then can treatment begin. Dry weather can certainly result in itchy feet, but it’s not the only reason.

Causes of Itchy Feet

  • Psoriasis: This skin condition results in skin cells growing too quickly and building up on the surface. Treatment usually involves medication and creams.
  • Eczema: This is an all-encompassing term for conditions that cause inflammation in the skin. The one that affects the feet and hands is called dyshidrotic dermatitis. Other symptoms may include small, clear blisters and scaly skin. Certain creams and moisturizers can usually help with this skin problem.
  • Diabetes: One of the first tell-tale signs that you may have diabetes is itchiness in the hands and feet. This is known as eruptive xanthomatosis and it only occurs when diabetes is out of control. The main treatment that is needed is managing your disease.
  • Allergies: Your feet can be allergic to things, and you might not even realize it. If you are allergic to grass or pollen and you go barefoot or wear sandals, then you are exposing your feet to those things. You may even be allergic to the material your socks or shoes are made out of. Find out if your feet are allergic by undergoing a skin test.
  • Fungal infection: Your feet may become irritated and itchy due to a foot fungus, for instance, Athlete’s foot. This infection can spread to other parts of the foot instead of just staying in the toenails.

If you have itchiness in your feet it’s probably time to call Dr. Viedra Elison at (623) 584-5556 to schedule an appointment at Fixing Feet Institute in Surprise, AZ. Together we can work to relieve your itchy feet.

Dr. Viedra V. Elison
Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute
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