Dry, Cracked Heels in Arizona

Due to the dryness of our natural surroundings here in Arizona, feet can also become quite dry. This becomes a problem when excessive dryness leads to cracked skin. Cracks and fissures can be painful and—if deeper—increase your risk of infection.

What's Causing Your Dry Heels

Take Care of Dry, Cracked Feet | Surprise, AZ Skin PodiatristDid you know that most of the skin on your body has oil glands to keep it moisturized? Well, the feet are actually an exception to this and are naturally drier than the rest of your body. External factors, such as dry, winter air, can exasperate this condition and lead to itchiness, redness, and rough and cracked skin.

Taking care of dry feet is also an essential component of diabetic foot care. Individuals who live with diabetes cannot afford to have cracks in the skin that can be caused by excessively dry feet. If you have this disease, foot care needs to be a part of your daily routine.

Prevent Dry, Cracked Heels

There are a variety of methods to take care of dry feet. An easy way is to simply take a little time before bed each night and wash your feet with soap and water, pat them thoroughly dry with a towel, and then rub them gently while applying moisturizer. Do this every night and your feet will certainly appreciate it!

It can feel wonderful to handle dry feet by pampering yourself with a little foot care at the end of the day, but we have some tips if you’d like to avoid dry feet in the first place.

  1. Moisturizing your feet after every shower or bath will certainly help.
  2. If you use a humidifier, it will keep moisture in the air and your feet will not dry out as much. Showers that are too hot will actually cause dryness, so opt for a more moderate temperature.
  3. Avoid walking barefoot. Make sure to wear supportive shoes in your house and while you're out. Flat and open heel shoes can increase the chances of getting dry heels.
  4. Wear socks when possible.
  5. Deoderant for your feet. If you notice excessive sweating, consider an antiperspirant for your feet. 

Get Rid of Dry, Cracked Heels

Treating dry, cracked heels often begins with preventing them in the first place. As we mentioned above, be sure to apply lotion to your feet and consider a humidifier. Once your feet become dry or cracked, there are treatments that can help to soften the heels. Fixing Feet Institute may prescribe a cream that has ingredients such as urea which will help to penetrate the tough skin. Also, we will file the excess, thick skin on the heels, which will make it easier to absorb creams.

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