Ingrown toenails are some of the most painful skin conditions if they progress too far and it's something that is almost entirely preventable. Many times it just comes down to trimming our toenails incorrectly.

Our Arizona toenail doctors suggest the following tips can help you avoid ingrown toenails:

  • Trim your toenails straight across and do not be tempted to round off the edges or cut them too short. Keep the toenail flush with the tip of the toe.
  • Wear shoes that fit well, especially in the toe box. A major factor helping ingrown toenails to develop is that people wear shoes with really tight toe boxes that push on the toenail area. If the weather is nice, try to wear sandals and avoid the toe box completely.
  • If you notice that your toenail is starting to grow back awkwardly, soak your toe in warm water and Epsom salts. Try to lift the nail off the skin by using floss or gauze; this may encourage the nail to grow away from the skin.

No one wants an ingrown toenail, but they are especially dangerous to people with diabetes. If you are a diabetic suffering from nerve damage or poor circulation, you may not be aware of an ingrown toenail that can become badly infected. If an infection becomes bad enough, amputation is possible. It's very important that you stay on top of foot health and if you think you may have an ingrown toenail forming, visit Fixing Feet Institute as soon as possible.

If you are suffering from a skin or toenail problem, contact Fixing Feet Institute today for an appointment at 623-584-5556 or e-mail at [email protected].

Dr. Viedra V. Elison
Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute
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