What do celebrities Damon Wayans, Troy Aikman, and Mia Hamm have in common?  They all suffered from clubfoot as children. They obviously had the benefit of medical care to correct the problem. These days clubfoot repair is relatively simple, and it shouldn’t stop you from living a normal life.

Clubfoot is a condition that is present at birth. The ankle and foot are held in an awkward position due to the ligaments being too tight in that area. It is seen in people who have spina bifida, or those who have a relative who also has this abnormality. If the mother smokes during pregnancy, that can also be a factor. For babies this is a painless condition, but if ignored it will cause problems later in life, so treatment should begin as soon as possible.

Treatment starts out conservatively with a method known as casting. The doctor repeatedly manipulates and stretches the foot and a cast is placed on it at each visit. Over a period of time the foot reaches a normal position, and then an orthopedic device is used to keep the feet facing the right direction. Sometimes this method doesn’t work and surgery on the ligaments and tendons becomes necessary.

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