Has the way you walked suddenly changed? If you are losing your balance and having trouble standing or walking, you might be suffering from a medical condition called unsteady gait. Find out here in this video how this foot and leg condition can be treated.

Whether you are having trouble walking or if your legs are cramping up or are stiff as a board, you may have a degenerative nerve disorder, clogged artery in your leg, pinched nerve, or you might be wearing the wrong shoes. Treatment for your foot condition could be as simple as wearing special shoes or braces; however, it is important to have a podiatrist evaluate if you have an abnormal gait and determine the right treatment plan.

At Fixing Feet Institute, we will perform the necessary tests to check your nerves, circulation, and your walking pattern to develop the right treatment plan for you. For a podiatrist that will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible, contact us for a consultation today in Surprise, Arizona at 623.584.5556 or online at here.

Dr. Peyman A. Elison
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Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute