I initially visited with Dr. Peyman Elison to determine what was causing discomfort in my left foot.  It was frightening to learn that I had what appeared to be a cyst that may or may not be cancerous.  Dr. Elison surgically removed the cyst for biopsy.  Fortunately, while he had classified it as the largest ganglion cyst he had seen, the biopsy revealed was no cancer.  As trying as this experience was for my family, Dr. Elison and the entire office and nursing staff at Fixing Feet Institute made it much less frightening and much more pleasant than it might have been.  Everyone I met there or talked to, in person or on the telephone, was genuinely concerned for my health and well being.  The Doctor was especially helpful with his friendly, smiling demeanor and willingness to spend the time necessary to ensure all my questions and concerns were answered clearly and completely.  It was great to have a Surgeon who clearly enjoys his work and is truly concerned for the health and welfare of his patients.

Janet M. - Surprise, AZ - 7/2/13