We have compiled a list of valuable online podiatry resources if you are interested in learning more about foot care, ankle injuries, lower leg conditions, and any other podiatry-related information. Our Arizona foot doctors believe a well-informed patient is best able to assist in his or her own care.

Diabetic Feet

  • American Diabetes Association - Foot Complications

    The American Diabetes Association describes foot conditions that may become problems for people with diabetes. This page looks in depth at neuropathy, skin changes, calluses, foot ulcers, circulation problems, and amputation.

Children's Feet

  • Children’s Feet: A practical foot care guide for parents, teachers and children

    Great Britain's Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists publish this informative guidebook to how feet develop from birth through adolescence. This booklet discusses both normal development and the problems that can arise due to growth, activities, and injuries. Although some of the references rely on the unique nature of the UK National Health Service, the overview of concepts is excellent for U.S. readers.

Trauma and Injuries

  • Puncture Wound of the Foot

    The Medical Center of the University of Minnesota at Fairview provides this illustrated guide for care of a puncture wound to the foot.

Skin and Toenail Problems

  • NetDoctor – Foot and Leg Ulcers

    NetDoctor is a prestigious United Kingdom medical information site relying on doctors and health care professionals across Europe to provide health care information in a way that's accessible for patients. This page thoroughly explains how the breakdown of the skin's usual healing process allows leg ulcers to form. The page examines the causes, diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of foot and leg ulcers.

Heel Pain

  • WebMD – Achilles Tendon Injury

    This page, part of the respected WebMD health information site, looks at the causes, effects, and treatment for damage to the Achilles tendon.

Nerve Problems

  • The Association of Extremity Nerve Surgeons

    Dr. Peyman Elison is a part of this association that was founded to promote collaborative study and development of medical research regarding the treatment of extremity nerve disease. The organization promotes continuing education of its members by holding training sessions and conferences throughout the year.

Foot and Ankle Surgery

  • Foot Health Facts: Bunion

    The American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons sponsors Foot Health Facts, a trusted source of information on foot and ankle conditions. This page discusses bunions, a deformity of the foot bone that causes an unsightly and often painful lump on the side of the foot.


  • Arizona Board of Podiatry

    The Arizona Board licenses podiatrists in the state of Arizona and mandates continuing educational improvement by established foot doctors. Patients can use this website to verify the licenses of their podiatrists and to see whether the Arizona Board of Podiatry is taking action against a particular foot doctor.

  • National Ataxia Foundation

    Since 1957, the National Ataxia Foundation has provided patient information and support for research into ataxia, a coordination condition that can be a symptom of other ailments or a degenerate nervous system disorder in its own right. The foundation's website discusses the many varieties of ataxia, the treatment options currently available, and links to developing news and information about medical research into the condition.

  • American Podiatric Medical Association

    Dr. Peyman Elison is a member of this association. The group’s website is one of the leading resources for foot and ankle health information. Patients will find much worthwhile reading by following the "Learn About Feet" tab on the home page and by reading the site's current news reports.

  • The American Board of Podiatric Medicine

    Dr. Peyman Elison is a diplomate with the American Board of Podiatric Medicine, which offers a comprehensive board qualification and certification process in podiatric medicine and orthopedics. The website has a page of useful link to other podiatric medical resources and general healthcare websites.