Change your shoes for neuroma pain reliefThe Summer Concert series in Scottsdale is a wonderful way to spend an evening with your family. If you are suffering from neuroma pain you might feel like staying off your feet, but don’t give up just yet. There are plenty of ways to ease this discomfort so you can enjoy a night out at McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park, listening to some great music under the stars.

A neuroma is caused when the nerves between the third and fourth toes become thick and painful. The most common feeling is burning or tingling. There are a number of different risk factors that can make developing a neuroma more likely. If you have a foot deformity such as high arches you might suffer from neuromas more frequently. Stress or trauma to your toes can also cause this problem to occur. One of the most common reasons for this to happen is that you may be wearing improper footwear. Shoes that are too tight in the toe area (high heels, boots, etc.) can contribute to the formation of a neuroma.

To treat this problem, first take a look at your shoes. You may be able to ease the pain simply by changing to a pair that has more wiggle room in the toe box. If that doesn’t help, you can add arch supports or footpads to your shoes. If your case is severe, turn to Fixing Feet Institute for help. We can give you steroid injections that can help with discomfort, and explore other conservative treatment options. We can also perform surgeries that might help take away some of the pressure and prevent recurrence of the problem.

If you are suffering from neuroma pain, call Dr. Peyman Elison at (623) 584-5556 or schedule an appointment online. At Fixing Feet Institute in Surprise, AZ we don’t want you to needlessly suffer from foot pain any longer. Call today so we can help you.

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