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Nerve Pain Testimonials

At the end of the day, it's your kind words that validate all of our hard work. Here are just a few testimonials we have received from happy patients at our Surprise, Arizona, foot clinic.

So, I am a 20 year Veteran of the US Air Force and I believe I have Dr. Elison to thank for my strong finish in the last 3 years of my service.  I was treated for nerve entrapment in my left leg in Jan. 2011.  I recovered fully, returned to running, completed 5k's and earned an outstanding score on my last physical fitness test.  I believe that because of the correct diagnosis and treatment I received at Fixing Feet Institute, I am completely recovered and have continued to remain physically active without hindrance.  Thank you all so much for a strong finish to my career in the military.

J.T. Master Sargent (Retired) USAF - Surprise, AZ - 1/25/16

I was referred to Dr. Peyman Elison by my physical therapist to see if I was a candidate for nerve decompression procedure.  I have battled with nerve damage resulting in a painful lower leg and numb foot with limited ability to move my toes.  Dr. Elison explained the procedure in detail and gave me the level of comfort and confidence I needed to make the decision to have the surgery.  Immediately after the procedure, I was amazed at the pain relief in my leg and the ability to move my toes for the first time in 3 years.

I am now able to have full use of my foot and wear my favorite shoes without swelling and pain!!  Dr. Elison and the entire staff have been great from day one and have made me feel welcome and a valued patient at all times.

Thank you Dr. Elison and Staff!

Jocelyn Smith - Goodyear, AZ - 7/1/15

I had intense pain in my left leg.  I also had tingling.  My pain level was 8-10.  I have received no pain since my surgery.  I am teaching myself to walk correctly, because I limped on that leg for 3 years.  I am very satisfied with my treatment.  I would encourage the surgery for anyone that has the same problen as I did.

I am pain free!

Also - The staff are excellent in making you feel comfortable.

Barbara Jordan - Sun City West, AZ - 5/2/14

I had burning in my feet, shooting pains anf felt like my toes were in a knot.  Numbness and swelling also occurred.  The pain and symptoms mentioned above are now gone.  I can be on my feet all day and not have the discomfort that I had prior to surgery.  It was a very good experience.  Surgery Center staff was great!.  Office staff is great!  Dr. Elison is great!  Very thorough.

Michael S - Surprise, AZ - 4/7/14

Both Dr's Elison are great.  Peyman diagnosed my neuropathy years ago and has treated me ever since.  He has done surgery on my legs, and I believe my condition has improved.  The reception staff is very friendly and competent.  Dr. Viedra Elison keeps my toenails trimmed and keeps me in line.

William Ray - Congress, AZ - 3/4/14

Dr. Peyman Elison has been treating me for neuropathy of the feet.  My condition has improved 75% since starting these treatments.  I can feel the floor/ground when I walk.  Overall the staff and Dr. Peyman are great.  They have been friendly and professional at all times.  And they have good cookies.

David Strain - Sun City West, AZ - 2/11/14

Dr. Peyman Elison has given me my life back!  After two surgeries by another doctor, I was still unable to walk without pain, let alone correctly.  Dr. Elison fixed my foot!  He and his staff have been with me and supported my recovery tirelessly.  Dr. Elison is a skilled physician who is enlightened to the connection your mind and spirit have to your body.  I truly feel God led me to him and I will be forever thankful.  He and his staff really care for their patients.

Debbe Davis - Surprise, AZ - 2/4/14

To Whom it May Help,

Dr. Peyman Elison and I have develped a strong bond - feet first, over the past 4 years of pain and surgeries.  He straightened some of my hammertoes and bent nails - a foot note that is pun intended.  Lately, I developed a new crisis called neuropathy in those painful leg extensions.  I was told there was no relief for this condition.  Then up jumped Dr. Elison and Justine to the rescue!!

A new procedure has been found to activate the dead or dormant nerves in my feet and legs.  The system is working and a large amount of pain is gone, and I am now experiencing happy, happy feet.

Joann Swenson - Surprise, AZ - 12/21/13

I had burning in my foot after fracturing my little toe.  After months of pain, I went to see Dr. Peyman Elison.  He determined that the burning pain I was experiencing was due to the nerves in my leg, which he said surgery would fix the problem.  I had the surgery on August 23rd, it's now September 18th and I have no burning - no pain at all.  I am able to go back to work 1 month after surgery.  I cannot say thank yuou enough to Dr. Elison.  He gave me my pain free life back.  His entire staff is pleasant and help in any way they can.  Thank you again!

S. Woodruff - Wittman, AZ - 9/18/13

Everything done to me by Dr. Elison was in good and very professional and excellent.  I am very happy and pleased.  Thank you!

Donald V. - Surprise, AZ - 9/10/13