Whether you have already received a diagnosis, or you're just doing some research, we have articles available on podiatry and related topics. We also have compiled a list of frequently used forms, and information on our community service events.  If the list below seems overwhelming, use the drop down menu below to choose a catagory that will narrow your search.

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  • Foot and Ankle Fractures Foot and ankle fractures happen sometimes. Treatment depends on what type of fracture you have. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ discusses.
  • Treatment for Chronic Ankle Instability Chronic ankle instability is treated conservatively (physical therapy) or with surgery. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ explains each type of treatment.
  • Types of Foot and Ankle Fractures Possible foot and ankle Fractures include talus fractures, calcaneus fractures, jones fractures, and stress fractures.