Diabetics need to be careful with pedicures!Since summer is on its way, it’s only natural to want our feet to look pretty in sandals. For people with diabetes, getting your feet pampered presents a few extra issues. It’s possible to get safe pedicures that won’t exacerbate your symptoms or create new problems; it just takes a bit of extra research and care.

If you have diabetes, you probably already know the importance of protecting your feet. You might already be noticing complications from peripheral neuropathy or poor circulation. This could mean loss of feeling in your feet or trouble walking. Taking care of your feet also means feeling good about them. Many patients with diabetes get regular pedicures. Here is what you need to know to stay infection-free.

  • Skip shaving your legs for at least 24 hours prior to your pedicure (48 hours is even better). Shaving creates tiny cuts that could allow bacteria to enter.
  • Double check with your salon on its cleaning procedures. If they are not up to the high standards they should be, find another place to go.
  • Consider providing your own tools (clipper, orange stick, pumice stone, nail file, etc.)
  • Let the technician know that you have diabetes and if you also suffer from neuropathy. They should take extra precautions (keeping the water a bit cooler, avoiding cutting your cuticles, and being more gentle about sloughing off dead skin).

If you have any other questions or concerns about what a safe pedicure should look like, call Fixing Feet Institute at 623-584-5556 to schedule an appointment in Surprise, AZ. If it’s more convenient for you, online booking is also available. We want to be your advocates when it comes to having healthy and refreshed feet.

Photo Credit: Maggie Smith - FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Dr. Viedra V. Elison
Founder and Managing Partner of Fixing Feet Institute
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