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  • Shows to Binge Watch After Foot and Ankle Surgery If you’re considering foot and ankle surgery or have had a procedure, you’ll need some time to adequately recover. Dr. Viedra Elison of Surprise, AZ, has some recommended shows for binge-watching to entertain you while you heal!
  • Removing a Foot Cyst If a foot cyst is painful or causing problems, you have treatment options to drain it or remove it surgically.
  • Surgery for Bunions When bunions don’t respond to conservative treatments, surgery is often the best choice to resolve your pain and return to active living.
  • How to Straighten Crooked Toes Learn about the various treatment options available for a hammertoe condition. Dr. Viedra Elison discusses both conservative and surgical care.
  • Best Shoes for Bunions Whereas surgery is the only way to completely correct the common deformity, certain shoes can help relieve pain and symptoms, says Dr. Viedra Elison.
  • How Foot Tumors are Treated There are a variety of ways that a foot tumor can be treated depending on your unique situation. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ can explain more.
  • Is It a Tumor or a Cyst? Cysts and tumors both form under the skins, but they are very different from each other. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ helps explain the difference.
  • How Surgery Can Help Correct Misaligned Feet Having misaligned feet can lead to other problems in your body. HyProCure can help fix them. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ has more information.
  • Teenagers Can Get Bunions Too! Fixing Feet Institute in Arizona shares information about juvenile bunions—how they form, what they look and feel like, and how they are treated.
  • Surgery for Hammertoes Could Be Right for You Hammertoe can cause discomfort and toe pain. When conservative methods fail, surgery may prevail. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ has more information.
  • Practicing Good Post-Op Foot Care It’s important to follow your doctor’s orders when it comes to post-op foot care. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ provides tips and information.
  • Conservative and Surgical Hammertoe Treatments Hammertoe treatment can involve conservative methods or may necessitate toe surgery. Dr. Peyman Elison in Surprise, AZ, has more information.