Children are susceptible to several different foot skin and toenail conditions because their feet are very sensitive and they are not always careful where they are walking. Here are some of the more common conditions you may run across with your children:

  • Ingrown toenails. Kids will get ingrown toenails usually if they drop something on their toe, or if their nails are trimmed incorrectly. You're not always going to be able to stop them from injuring themselves, but try to be very careful whether you're trimming their toenails or when they're doing it themselves.
  • Warts. Warts occur, usually on the bottom of the feet, when a wart-causing virus gets into a split in the skin. They are more annoying than anything else, but if they are especially large or in bigger quantities, they can be painful.
  • Athlete's Foot. This is a fungal infection that causes the foot to become red, swollen, and itchy. It breeds in warm, moist places, so many kids will pick it up at a community pool or locker room. It will also grow if your children wear damp, sweaty socks and shoes.
  • Eczema. This is a condition of the skin with various causes, but the main idea is that the skin becomes itchy and patchy. When it appears on children, it's normally because their sensitive skin cannot handle a certain perfumed soap, oil, or powder.

Many of these conditions are easily treatable, and repeated childhood episodes are common. If you're not sure how to go about helping your son or daughter, make an appointment with one of the children’s foot care specialists at Fixing Feet Institute for a full evaluation at 623-584-5556 or email [email protected].

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