Parents love watching their children run and laugh. Whether they are hiking up the easy Waterfall Trail at White Tank Regional Park, or playing on the city’s splash pads on hot days, watching their care-free fun lifts our spirits and brings a smile to our faces. Unfortunately, some children are born with a birth defect such as Jackson-Weiss Syndrome. As parents, we worry about how it will affect their lives. At Fixing Feet Institute in Surprise, AZ, we want to let parents know that there are treatments for many pediatric foot deformities that will help all children to run, play, laugh, and enjoy a full and normal life.

This particular disorder happens when the FGFR2 gene mutates on the 10th chromosome. It can be inherited from parents who have the mutation in their cells, but it can also arise spontaneously in some cases. The disorder causes the bones of the baby’s skull to fuse together too quickly, causing facial deformities. It also affects the feet. A short, wide, big toe that bends outward is usually present, and two or more of the other toes may be fused together. The hands are not typically affected, and the child’s intelligence and length of life are usually normal. A genetic test can determine whether this syndrome is present.

Treatment will probably involve surgery to correct this deformity in your child’s feet. Dr. Peyman Elison and Dr. Viedra Elison see many children, and specialize in deformities and surgery. We will examine the extent of the abnormality, and help you decide on the treatment options to ensure that your child will be able to walk and run normally. Call us today at 623-584-5556 and prepare to watch your little one take off and enjoy life!

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